Check out screenshots of our management site...

For a quick look see a few of our screen shots below or sign up for access our free demo account and take a test drive..

We provide two login options; 

Log In: Is the default and takes advantage of improvements in the latest browser giving full screen image viewing capability, as well as extended features such as automated location reports. You can choose to use either portal depending on your browser type. The screen shots shown here are for the standard login.

Classic Log In: is a fall back option and provides legacy support for ageing website browsers such as Internet Explorer version 8

From the login page a registered user selects the preferred website to use or can reset their password if they have forgotten it or would like to change it. New users can also register for a demo account from this page. The login page will also display recent or important news updates such as system status messages.



Once logged in, the highest level is the Dashboard or home page.

The project Dashboard provides a thumbnail overview of all cameras on-site organised into one or more "Projects".

Selecting a Project will bring up the Locations within the selected Project.

Each Project in turn contains its own associated Locations represented as one or more locations. Selecting a Location or a camera will bring up that particular camera's image.


Selecting the Map button from the Tools menu list (upper left) will bring up the Map View.

If Map is selected at Project level, only the location within that Project will be displayed.

If Map is selected at Location level, only the single Location will be displayed.

Hovering the mouse over a Location icon will bring up a thumbnail of the location. Selecting the Location will bring up the Location View.


The Tools menu, (upper left) provides a number of self-explanatory features including the ability to save images, print and email directly from the website, information on the number of images captured, location weather and geographic position on a map.

The User menu, (upper right), provides access to advanced features including the ability to customise the website for each user, set up automated location reporting, obtain help and submit feedback to help improve the site or enlist support. The user can also logout using this menu.