Frequently Asked Questions

If you have an outstanding question please check below as we may have an immediate answer but if not please contact us for further information...

1. Do you need access to a fixed power supply and if so who pays for it?

For outdoor installations we take care of everything and we can provide our own power source via an integrated solar panel with battery back up solution.

For indoor installations we do generally require provision of a mains power socket within 1 metre of the camera. Power consumption in less than 5W.

2. Do you require a dedicated communications infrastructure such as cabling or microwave link?

Our solutions utilise wireless communications so no cabling is necessary. In most situations we connect to the local 2G/3G/4G telecommunications networks. We can also connect to an existing WiFi network if it is suitable and accessible or we can install a multi-access point WiFi mesh network if there are multiple cameras and the bandwidth requirements dictate it.

3. Environmental impact is a critical aspect for our project. Does your system have good "green" credentials?

Absolutely. The impact of our systems on the environment is a major consideration at Sitevisuals. We fit into the surroundings of the location as we find it and after we have gone you won't be able to tell we were there.

We can provide our own free-standing camera mounting structures that we quickly put in place and as quickly remove. We don't need concrete foundations and leave no residual structures that need cleaning up on departure.

All of our systems utilise solar power and existing wireless communications when they are running and can be recycled as we continually update the technology we employ to provide you with the best service at all times.